Describes the technical details of the Digital Bureaucracy project and the sale of the initial public offering (ICO) in which the DBC Token was sold. DBC Token is a cryptocurrency designed to be used for digital bureaucracy and the affiliated DBC Chain infrastructure and all services provided by existing Cryptocurrency exchanges, as described in. The DBC Token is also designed to be used as a Cryptocurrency to advance to become a cryptocurrency to be used worldwide as a vision and to pay for other services provided by commercial, institutions and businesses. Please note that purchases of DBC Tokens are final and non-refundable. Individuals, businesses, and other organizations should make decisions by carefully measuring the risks, costs, and benefits of owning DBC Tokens.


If you are a citizen of any country or state where the purchase of DBC Tokens or similar Cryptocurrencies may be prohibited or the sale of Tokens is not accepted, you are not eligible to buy DBC Tokens through the sale of Tokens and you will not be able to purchase DBC Tokens. DBC Token purchases should only be made by individuals, legal entities or companies with significant experience and understanding of the use and complexity of Crypto Currency and blockchain-based software systems.

Buyers should have a functional understanding of the storage and transfer mechanisms associated with other Crypto coins. Any DBC Project and its team members and employees shall not be liable in any way for the loss of any Crypto Currency, DBC Token or fiat currency resulting from the actions or omissions taken by the buyers. If you do not have the necessary experience or expertise, you should not purchase DBC Tokens or participate in the sale of DBC Tokens. You should carefully assess the risks, costs, and other harms of acquiring DBC Tokens and, if necessary, act with your own independent opinions on this issue.


Buying DBC Tokens brings with it a significant risk. Before purchasing DBC Tokens, the buyer should carefully evaluate the risk listed below and consult a lawyer, accountant and/or tax professional before deciding whether to purchase DBC Tokens to the extent necessary.

(a)The DBC Token must be stored at a Wallet address with erc-20 infrastructure, which can only be accessed with a password selected by the recipient and is listed on cryptocurrency exchanges. If a DBC Token receiver does not keep an accurate record of its password, this may result in the loss of DBC Tokens. If your password protection is weak and broken or learned by someone else, this can result in the loss of DBC Token balances. Therefore, the recipient must store their password and password backup keys.

(b)Buyer agrees that some services within the scope of Digital Bureaucracy and DBC Chain are currently in development and may undergo significant changes before they are released. The buyer agrees that their expectations regarding digital bureaucracy and DBC Chain design and functionality cannot be met for any reason.

(c)The purchaser, the team of the Digital Bureaucracy, is making every effort to list it in most of the major known crypto exchanges, which does not mean that it will be included in all crypto exchanges. It plans to ensure its widespread use by fulfilling the requirements of crypto exchanges.

(d)The purchaser acknowledges that the Digital Bureaucracy may experience delays in the official release date, despite the fact that the DBC Chain Project has made every effort to be completed and published in a timely manner.

(e)As with other Cryptocurrencies, the value of DBC Token, supply and demand, market conditions of general Cryptocurrencies, political or geographical reasons, regulations and technical reasons in any jurisdiction may cause changes in prices.

(f)DBC Token is published as a Smart Contract in Binance Smart Chain (BSC) infrastructure. The reforein any problem or unexpected technical functioning of the Binance Smart Chain protocol, it can affect the receiver’s ability to transfer DBC Tokens or keep them safe. This type of effect may adversely affect the DBC Token value.


Any DBC Token assets and team members and employees will not be liable for your DBC Token loss after it is transferred to you for any reason, including but not limited to your failure to keep an accurate record of your password or backup or password cracking by someone else. It will do its best to launch digital bureaucracy projects and improve the structure of DBC Chain.

Anyone committed to buying DBC Tokens acknowledges and understands that the Digital Bureaucracy does not guarantee any Matter. Regulatory authorities around the world are carefully examining businesses and projects related to cryptocurrency markets around the world, in this context regulatory measures may affect the business or project development of the Digital Bureaucracy. Any person committed to the purchase of DBC Tokens agrees and understands that the Digital Bureaucracy and its projects will be adapted to the law, and that the Digital Bureaucracy or its projects cannot be held responsible for direct or indirect losses or damages arising from such changes.


Buyers participate in the sale of DBC tokens and declare and guarantee to the Digital Bureaucracy as follows:

(a)You have the authority, by that, meaning full authority to purchase DBC Tokens according to the laws applicable to your jurisdiction.

(b)You are solely responsible for determining whether the purchase of DBC Tokens is appropriate for you.

(c)You do not act as an intermediary on behalf of any person or entity wishing to purchase or participate in the sale of DBC Tokens.

(d)You have carefully considered the risks, costs, and other drawbacks of acquiring DBC Tokens and understood such risks, costs and all other areas related to the sale of DBC tokens.

(e)You will not act for speculative investment purposes.

(f)You acknowledge and agree that DBC Token does not constitute any form of securities in your jurisdiction.

(g)You acknowledge and agree that this promotional document does not provide an explanation or any form of documentation and does not intend to create a security offer or a claim for investment insecurities in your jurisdiction.

(h)It does not imply that any regulatory Authority does not review or endorse the information specified in, that no such action is taken or will not be taken in accordance with the laws, regulatory requirements or rules of any jurisdiction, and that publication, distribution, or distribution of to you does not imply compliance with applicable laws, regulatory requirements, or rules.

(i)You acknowledge and agree that this whitepaper, the commitment and/or completion of the DBC Token sale, or the future trading of DBC on any cryptocurrency exchange will not be interpreted or accepted by you as an indication of the merits.

(j)The distribution or dissemination of any part or any copy of this promotional document or its acceptance by you is not prohibited or restricted by applicable laws, regulations or rules in the jurisdiction and any restrictions related to them.

(l)If you have detailed information about the operation, functionality, use, storage, transfer mechanisms and other material features of cryptocurrencies, blockchain-based software systems, cryptocurrency wallets or other related Token storage mechanisms, blockchain technology and smart contract technology.

(m)When you want to buy any DBC Tokens, you are fully aware and understand that there are risks associated with Digital Bureaucracy and its projects.

(o)You will not use token’s sale for any illegal activity, including money laundering and financing of terrorism.


The Digital Bureaucracy reserves the right to modify, add or remove this technical review and conditions at any time or during the sale by posting the changes to be made on its website at its sole discretion. Any aspirations shall be deemed to have accepted such changes by purchasing DBC Tokens. If at any point you do not agree to any portion and terms of the current version of this whitepaper at the time, you should not purchase DBC Tokens.