Digital Bureaucracy with Blockchain infrastructure

The first decentralized Bureaucracy system that simplifies and standardizes data with blockchain technology.

Digital Bureaucracy is a Project that will enable you to perform your time consuming and tiring daily bureaucratic transactions between individuals, institutions and countries using the Blockchain network, quickly and cost effectively.

What is DBC ?

DBC is the first Decentralized Bureaucracy System that simplifies and standardizes data using blockchain technology. We facilitate bureaucracy across Individuals, Institutions, and Countries on the Blockchain Network.

Decentralised Platform.

It is fully decentralised and is backed by Blockchain.

Managing Bureaucracy with One Click.

Our project will allow you to handle bureaucratic procedures and tedious paperwork that makes your life difficult, efficiently, and securely.

Artificial Intelligence

We are a Bureaucracy Transfer network that uses the power of Artificial Intelligence and connects the World.

How does DBC Work ?

Digital Bureaucracy is making our lives difficult. It is instated everywhere and is carried out by the Municipality. Official documents, Invoices, Home and Vehicle purchase and sale, School and Education, Health and Hospital, Finance and Business, Customs procedures, Passport and Identity procedures are just some of the areas of example.

The DBC Project has made it possible to manage the tedious document transactions that causes complexity in our lives. For a moment, imagine that paper is not used within the World. With DBC, you will be able to send and receive your invoices, official documents, insurance and hospital documentation, customs and tax transactions, home, and car buying/ transactions, international, official, or personal information/documents using a single click encrypted over the Blockchain Network.

  1. We combine the structure of Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain, allowing you to trade securely and quickly.
  2. Bureaucratic procedures will rely on the help of Artificial Intelligence completely. It is a great project that will ensure swift and reliable transfers over the blockchain network.
  3. Dependable and rapid payments. You will be able to send even the highest payments at the lowest cost.
  4. Safe storage of school and hospital transactions on the Blockchain network. It enables making an action or obtaining information simpler with just a click.

Which areas can DBC be Used ?

To facilitate the blockchain network in our daily lives, DBC started to develop its own Blockchain infrastructure to provide convenience in the listed areas below:


  • A smoother, faster, and cheaper transaction of fees on the Blockchain network combined with Artificial Intelligence that will eliminate the long and tiring dealings that you have experienced in the purchase and sale of houses, land and immovable properties.
  • Buying and selling vehicles, obtaining new license plates, vehicle insurance and detailed vehicle history is available when using DBC to carry out such transactions.
  • An incredible feature of the blockchain is that flagged data is immutable. For example: Information sent to the Blockchain network is immutable; It cannot be changed in any way. Therefore, counterfeiting documents is automatically protected.


  • Imagine the ability of transactions in municipalities entirely over Blockchain Network. It would enable the actioning of all your paperwork promptly and inexpensively. For example: When a new child is born, it is added as a block to a blockchain chain in that municipality. The individual can then perform all their operations over this block during their life.
  • All municipal transactions that you can think of such as Identity, Address change, Driving Licenses and more. The combination of Artificial Intelligence and the Blockchain Network will permit you to do all the paperwork that makes your life complicated, all the while being quicker and cheaper for you.
  • Removes all bureaucratic paperwork allowing for speed, lower costs, and security via Blockchain.


  • Transactions such as Passport applications, Passport Controls and Verification. You can make these proceedings at a faster and cheaper rate on the Blockchain and with the support of Artificial Intelligence.
  • Authentication, Pedigree Checks, Identity, and any other form of official documents that identify you will become faster, cheaper, and reliable on the blockchain network ultimately allowing for easier overall transactions.
  • Visa applications, delays in family reunification visas and complex document processes will now be quick, safeguarded, and cost effective.

Schools & Education

  • Student Information tracking system. Fast communications between teacher, trainer and parents of students. An infrastructure that enables detailed bureaucracy procedures to proceed faster.
  • Storage and tracking of Student Notes and Student Diplomas on the Blockchain network. Recording of school diplomas in the system as unchangeable and tracking it.
  • Distribution of religious books and Books in an immutable manner over the blockchain network. Transactions such as making comparisons or purchasing and reselling the work will be available afterwards.

Health & Hospitals

  • Patient tracking system in Hospitals and Health Institutions. Monitoring of Tests and Other health services within hospitals on the blockchain.
  • Communication and bureaucracy transactions between hospitals and pharmacies. The rapid processing of these transactions on the Blockchain and the progress of the workload will be entirely by Artificial Intelligence.
  • Every individual will have their own Private Key. All transactions are processed on this key. Eventually, control and accuracy controls can be provided.


  • It ensures that all bureaucracy and paperwork transactions of places such as institutions, individuals, and workplaces where tax transactions take place intensely, are processed faster and with reasonable costs over the blockchain network.
  • Tax tracking and tracking of sales and purchases at workplaces through the blockchain network.
  • Online Sales and International Tax. Providing and controlling tax transactions between countries through the Blockchain network. All complex tax systems become completely easy.


  • Follow-up of import and export transactions. Unchangeable tracking of import and export transactions made in all customs systems on the blockchain network.
  • Transactions such as Passenger passes, Passport and Identity verification. There will be ease of passenger transit through the blockchain network. The required paperwork and bureaucracy procedures are fast and cost-effective.
  • There will be control of vehicle crossings at customs. In this way, we aim to finalize the illegal vehicle or passenger crossings entirely.

Finance & Business

  • Contracts signed by international companies. Commercial exchangeable contracts, or agreements or contracts concluded between countries on a permanent basis.
  • Tenders organized by countries or institutions, fulfilment, and follow-up of these tenders on time and without any problems. Simultaneously, the payment of these auction fees will be with the DBC Token.